Purpose of Board of Directors

As with any large organization, WCSA has an elected Board of Directors (BOD).  WCSA's board is responsible for the oversight of the WCSA operation.  From managing our referees, to working with Williamson County Parks and Recreation department to monitor and improve the soccer complex, the various Vice Presidents are working diligently to maintain and improve Williamson County Soccer Association.

WCSA Board of Directors

 President Todd Seifferth  president@williamsoncountysoccer.com
 Executive Vice President Bill Milton   milt144104@bellsouth.net
 Vice President of Operations

 Vice President of Officials Jose Dirube   cubajed@gmail.com
 Vice President of Uniforms and Registrations

 Vice President of Player Development Derek Spirk   spirkee@mac.com
 Vice President of Play--Boys Sarah Dodds  sarahcd112@me.com
 Vice President of Play--Girls David Drobny   drobny23@yahoo.com
 Secretary/Treasurer Jason Darby jason-darby@hotmail.com