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What is a Commissioner?

A Commissioner is the front-line liaison between WCSA and our coaches.  The Commissioner is that person who helps ensure that WCSA rules and guidelines are followed AND helps ensure that game days run smoothly, safely and with a minimum of disputes or problems.  Think of a Commissioner as a policeman walking the beat.  

Each division within WCSA is assigned a Commissioner and this is the person our coaches and/or parents would first go to in the event of a dispute, problem or complaint.  Of course, compliments and "atta-boys" are always welcome!!!  Should you need to contact your Commissioner, look in the boxes below to find the person that represents your division.  Get to know these great volunteers!  They are a very important piece of WCSA.

Of course, you are always welcome to discuss any issues, comments, complaints or suggestions you have with a WCSA staff member or Board Member but your Commissioner will almost always be your best first step.


Vice President of Play: Girls
David Drobny - drobny23@yahoo.com



U5G Vince Reed vincereed@yahoo.com
U6G Alex Scott alexandjenn@msn.com         
U7G Meg Nichols megmnichols1@gmail.com              
U8G Chad Ashby chad.ashby@sbcglobal.net
U9G Mark Van Atta markvanatta@att.net
U10G Erin Golden epgolden5@gmail.com
U11G Staci Waechter glennandstaciw@hotmail.com
U12G Doug Briggs dougbriggs11@gmail.com
U14G Natalie Horel natalie.horel@gmail.com
HSG Connor Ball  connorball@gmail.com

Vice President of Play: Boys
Greg Stormberg - gstormberg@gmail.com



 U5B Brooks Reid brooks@positivechangetrain.com
 U6B Pete Kipley petekipley@mac.com
 U7B David Cruse davecruse77@gmail.com
 U8B Sarah Hillard shillard1013@gmail.com
 U9B Jason Dooley jhdooley@yahoo.com
 U10B Keith Brawner keith.brawner@gmail.com
 U11B Mike Midgley mike.midgley13@gmail.com
 U12B Chris Anthony cmg_anthony@yahoo.com
 U14B Bryan Basham bashambryan@yahoo.com
 U16B Mike Adams madams@cpsbusiness.com
 HSB Scott Davidson  sdavidson@williamsoncountysoccer.com

Bill Milton  milt144104@bellsouth.net   

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