Usage Rules

WCSA Soccer Complex
Usage Rules & Guidelines

In order to keep our facility as safe as possible for all players and fans, we ask all those attending to please abide by our facility rules.

  • Please obey posted directional parking lot signage.
  • Speed limit in all parking lots is 10 mph.
  • Watch carefully for children.
  • Pets are NOT allowed at any time anywhere on the soccer complex.

In an effort to keep our facility in top condition, there are additional rules and guidelines that have been put in place. Spectator rules are as follows:

  • Only teams are allowed in between the two fields.
  • Spectators are to be seated on the opposite sideline as the teams, never behind the goals.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at the complex.
  • No equipment can be used that will tear or puncture the turf  in any way.  No tents allowed.  
  • Trash is everyone's responsibility! Please use the receptacles that are provided and leave the ground free of debris.

With everyone informed of these rules and guidelines, we can all enjoy the games, practices, camps and other events and have a great venue in which to enjoy them.

Thank you for your cooperation.