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Williamson County Soccer Association (WCSA) is one of the largest soccer operations in the state of Tennessee and certainly the largest in Middle-Tennessee. Each year over 8,000 players register to play soccer with WCSA. Soccer can be played with WCSA nearly year-round as we offer both outdoor soccer in the fall and spring and indoor soccer in the winter and summer.

As a recreational sports organization our primary goal is to help ALL players have fun while playing the world's most popular game. WCSA is an inclusive organization which means all players play. WCSA has a rule that each player must play at least 50% of each game, so all players take the field. This is very different from "select" or "travel" soccer where, in some cases, only the best players take the field.

Williamson County Soccer Association has grown into one of the largest single-sport associations in Tennessee with over 6000 players registering with us every year. Some players play with us every season...some play only in the fall. That choice is up to you. You and your player are NOT obligated to play more than you want. And you won't pay a lot to play with us. Our registration starts at $100 for outdoor and $65 for indoor.

Many of our players return every year and continue to grow in their skills and love of the game, but each season we also have many first-time players in all age groups, including U19.  We are always delighted to welcome back players who have grown up playing soccer with us, and now want to pass on their love of the sport to their children through our program.

WCSA offers both indoor and outdoor leagues. All our programs are recreational, allowing players to improve their skills in a fun, positive environment designed to encourage their confidence while learning sportsmanship and team-building.  In the outdoor leagues, no scores are kept until the U9 division, and all players, U8 and younger, receive a participation trophy.


  Each team is comprised of up to 10 players that practice together. Each game day, the coach splits the roster into 2 teams of 5 players each.  These two games are played on fields which are adjacent to one another.  Games are split into 4 quarters, with substitutions being made at the quarter and half. Players are encouraged to learn general balance and improve their eye-foot coordination.

  Teams are comprised of 12 players that play on a field that is slightly larger than that used in U5/U6.  Games are played the same way as the younger divisions with your team of 12 being broken into two teams that play side-by-side on game day.  4 players take the field for each team. Again, NO GOALKEEPERS should be used.  Players continue to learn to dribble and pass. 

  As a single unit on a bigger field. Games are no longer split into quarters, but consist of 2x25 minute halves. Play becomes more positional, with passing and receiving being more important, and teams now include a goalkeeper. Scores are kept and 1st and 2nd place teams receive awards. 
Teamwork and communication become more important as players begin to specialize in positions and become more skilled. Games consist of 2x30 minute halves, and the offside rule is in effect. Scores are kept, with 1st and 2nd placed teams receiving awards. 
Teams of 11v11 play on a full-sized field; FIFA rules are in effect. Scores are kept, with 1st and 2nd place teams receiving awards. 


Williamson County Soccer Association
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