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Williamson County Soccer Association (WCSA) is a non-profit recreational organization for children ages 4 through 19.  WCSA was established in 1982 Jose Fernandez with one team that practiced and played at what is now Franklin Elementary School. The association grew and grew to where we are today, with over 6,000 children playing soccer nearly year round. Today, WCSA is one of the largest recreational sports organizations in the Nashville metropolitan area.

All - indoor or outdoor- are played at the Williamson County soccer complex located at the intersection of Boyd Mill Avenue and Downs Boulevard in Franklin.  These facilities are second to none in the entire southeast, boasting 27 outdoor soccer fields as well as a newly-renovated indoor arena, and is estimated to host over 3000 games during the course of the year. 

Our mission is to promote the sport of soccer by providing an organized, safe, fun-filled environment to develop players on an individual and team level. WCSA also strives to strengthen its character through leadership by coaches, referees and board members and to build community pride in the organization. .

All of our programs are recreational, allowing players to improve their skills in a fun, positive environment designed to encourage their confidence, love of the game, sportsmanship and team-building.  In the outdoor leagues, scores are not kept until the U9 division, and all players, U10 and younger, receive a participation trophy.
  • 10.13.20156:15 PM

    Taco Bell - Spencer (B) VS. Dicks Sporting Goods - Sanchez (B)

    WEST SIDE - 22A - Coyne Oral Surgery
  • 10.13.20156:15 PM

    Sundrop - Changas VS. Hearing Services of Franklin - Neidhart/Skiles

    WEST SIDE - 23B - Franklin Othopaedic Sports Medicine
  • 10.13.20156:15 PM

    Lee Company - Vance (R) VS. Midgley FC - Midgley (R)

    WEST SIDE - 23A - Franklin Othopaedic Sports Medicine
  • 10.13.20156:15 PM

    Franklin Orthopaedic Sports Medicine - Ensor (R) VS. Shelter Insurance - Comer/Scott (R)

    WEST SIDE - 27 - Dick's Sporting Goods
  • 10.13.20156:15 PM

    Maui Wowi - O'Donnell (B) VS. Sonic - Kyle (B)

    WEST SIDE - 21 - Sundrop
  • 10.13.20156:15 PM

    Twice Daily - Hueser VS. Life Touch - Phillips

    EAST SIDE - 5A - SuperSkills
  • 10.13.20156:15 PM

    Tum-E Yummies - Ball VS. Taco Bell - Brumback

    EAST SIDE - 5B - SuperSkills
  • 10.13.20156:15 PM

    Coyne Oral Surgery - Roumen VS. OccuSure - Hendry/Alvarez

    WEST SIDE - 24 - AdvoCare
  • 10.13.20157:15 PM

    Life Touch - Thomas/Tumbleson VS. Twice Daily - Elam

    EAST SIDE - 5B - SuperSkills
  • 10.13.20157:15 PM

    Brilliant Sky Toys & Books - Zaccari (R) VS. Sundrop - Beard (R)

    WEST SIDE - 27 - Dick's Sporting Goods

Field Status

  • EAST SIDE Updated:10.10.2015 11:31AM
  • EXTRA Updated:10.10.2015 11:31AM
  • 5B - SuperSkills Updated:10.10.2015 11:31AM
  • 1 - AdvoCare Updated:10.10.2015 11:31AM
  • 1B - Brilliant Sky Toys & Books Updated:10.10.2015 11:31AM
  • 2 - Taco Bell Updated:10.10.2015 11:31AM
  • 3 - Ford Roofing Updated:10.10.2015 11:31AM
  • 4A - Banded Headbands Updated:10.10.2015 11:31AM
  • 4B - Banded Headbands Updated:10.10.2015 11:31AM
  • 5A - SuperSkills Updated:10.10.2015 11:31AM

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