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Coaches' FAQ

What are the requirements to be a coach?
All coaches must pass a background check and complete SafeSport and concussion training before practices or games begin. Information on how to complete these requirements can be found here and under the Coaches tab. Coaches must be 21 or older. If someone under 21 wants to be a coach, he or she can volunteer as an assistant coach and have someone 21 or older as the head coach. Contact the office (615-791-0590) for more details on how to arrange this.

Can I choose my practice time and location?
Yes. Coaches choose the day, time, and location for their practices. Coaches can choose to participate in the field lottery of WCSA fields or they can arrange for a location in the community (such as a church, school, neighborhood or HOA space). WCSA can provide COIs for these off site locations.

Can I coach more than one team?
Yes. There is no limit to the number of teams you can coach. However, any request to coach more than two teams must be approved by the Board, and a registered assistant coach must be assigned to each team. This assistant must be a different person for each team.

If I coach multiple teams, will my games be scheduled not to overlap?
WCSA attempts to avoid conflicts for at least two teams for a head coach when scheduling games. Coaches of more than two teams may have some games overlap. Assistant coaches are not taken into consideration when scheduling games.

What equipment will I need for practices and games? Is anything provided?
WCSA does not provide equipment to coaches, however a productive practice can be held with just the soccer balls the players bring. Some additional equipment that can be helpful at practice are cones for drills and pinnies (colored vests) for scrimmaging. If you would like to assemble a coach's bag, consider including the following: cones, pinnies, balls, ball pump, whistle, extra pair of shin guards for any player who might forget (they can't participate without them), and a first aid kit.

How can I keep from running up the score?
Running up the score is considered detrimental to player development and is actively discouraged by WCSA. WCSA defines running up the score as a goal differential of 6 or more. Coaches must make every attempt to promote a more balanced playing situation BEFORE the score gets out of hand. This can be done by rotating player positions, allowing weaker players more prominent roles, and utilizing practice strategies such as possession play, starting each forward play with a pass to the keeper, and minimum number of consecutive passes before shooting. WCSA can provide specific tactics to help coaches maintain equity in game situations.

Please note that the goal differential used as a tiebreaker in league standings is capped at a maximum of three per game. There is no standings advantage gained by winning a game by more than three goals.

WCSA reviews scores weekly throughout the season. Continued instances of running up scores may result in actions including, but not limited to, ineligibility for Championship Night, coach suspension, and/or team restructuring to improve parity.

How does my team qualify for Championship Night? How will I know if we qualify?
At the end of the season, the top two teams in each age division U9 and older qualify for Championship Night and play in one championship game. Standings are found under the Team Central tab. Rules regarding standings tiebreakers are found in the WCSA Rules of Play under the Coaches tab. Qualifying teams are notified by the office. PLEASE NOTE: The number in the GF or Goals For column in the standings table is NOT the same as the goal differential used as a standings tiebreaker. The GF column displays all goals scored during the season. Goal differential is capped at a maximum of three per game and is calculated by the office. The standings table may not accurately display team standings when there is a tie in points (PTS coulmn) between teams.  

Who do I contact with questions?
Your best bet is to first contact the office (615-791-0590) with any questions or concerns. They can then refer you to the appropriate staff or Board member to further address your questions if needed.

What do I do if I have an issue during a game?
If you have any issues during a game concerning conduct of players, coaches, parents, or officials, please do not engage and risk escalating the situation. Instead, call the office (615-791-0590) and WCSA will send someone to your field if needed. You can also call the office with any field condition issues or if you need the trainer. For medical emergencies call 911 first.

What do I do if my roster is not full?
Coaches cannot trade players with other coaches or have guest players. All players must be assigned to the team's official roster in order to participate in a game or practice. If your team is having issues with having enough players on gamedays, contact the office.


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